Your home is the best place to provide medical care for your pet. Call now to have us treat your pet in your home today. Our doctors have treated thousands of pets and practiced for 12 years. We are mobile veterinary pet care doctors who come to your home in northern Delaware, Cecial County Maryland and southwestern Pennsylvania.  Having us do a housecall is the fastest way for us to treat your pet. Visit us on FaceBook.

Emergency Vet Care

Do you need pet emergency care for your dog or cat? Call us ASAP 302-893-7872

Veterinary Housecalls

Are your pets in need of home veterinary care?

For Your Pet

Is it difficult to take your pet to a veterinary office?

At Home

Is your pet old and best cared for in your home? We come to you ?


If so, we can help you and your pet with compassionate, professional veterinary services from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Experienced vets travel to your home and care for your pet where your pet is comfortable and easier to examine. We do emergency veterinary calls too.


The best vet care for a pet is provided when the pet is calm and not traumatized by travel to a strange location. Vet care at home by a housecall vet prevents exposure to illnesses of other animals. Avoid the stress on your pet and yourself and let us help you and your pet at home.


Call 302-893-7872. Your first conversation will be with our on-call housecall doctor.


Services we offer are:

  • Well pet checkups/vaccinations
  • Pet emergencies
  • Full laboratory services
  • Sick pet examination, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Injured pet care
  • Euthanasia and cremation
  • Heart worm screening and medicine
  • Lyme disease screening and treatment
  • Travel certificates - US and International
  • New pet owner counseling
  • Geriatric pets

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