Who benefits from an at home veterinary housecall service?

  • Pets that do not travel well
  • Pets that become stressed in a hospital setting
  • People with small children at home
  • People who work at home with busy schedules
  • People with multiple pets at home
  • People with mobility or transportation issues
  • People who want their pet euthanized in the comfort of home

What can be done at a housecall?

Almost everything typically done at an outpatient visit to an animal hospital can be done at home. Dr. Flanagan carries with her a wide array of equipment, medicines and supplies to ensure that full services can be provided at the housecall. Euthanasia can be done at home when the time is right.

Where in my home is the visit conducted?

The housecall can take place anywhere you and your pet are comfortable, inside or outside. It is a good idea to keep nervous cats confined to a small room or bathroom, and to prevent them from hiding under furniture.

How are appointments scheduled?

You can schedule a housecall appointment by calling 302-893-7872 or email pairadocs2000@yahoo.com. You will receive a specific appointment time the same way you would at a hospital. Of course, unlike at a hospital, unexpected traffic or road conditions may affect the exact time of Dr. Flanagan's arrival, but most appointments begin within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. Dr. Flanagan will call if she expects to be more than 15 minutes late.

What if my pet needs medications?

Dr. Flanagan carries many commonly used medications that can be dispensed on the spot as needed. Other medications, veterinary products, and therapeutic diets can be delivered to your door through our prescription service. Prices are comparable to other online prescription services such as petmeds.com.

What if I have an emergency or urgent medical need?

In Home Veterinary Care can handle many of your urgent care needs on a housecall visit. In case of a serious emergency that cannot wait, please call Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware, 302-322-6933. After your pet has been treated at one of these hospitals, please let us know so we can coordinate this treatment with your pet.

Is a housecall service expensive?

Generally speaking, the cost for our mobile veterinary services are almost always lower than to those at pet hospitals. IN ADDITION, you and your pet receive more personalized care on a housecall because the veterinarian generally spends more time with you than at a typical hospital appointment.

How are surgeries performed and more specialized care provided?

Almost all of our calls do not need speical care, and can be done in your home.  On occasion, your pet may need surgical or more specialized care that cannot be provided in your own home. In these cases, Dr. Flanagan will refer you to one of several hospitals or specialists in the area.


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